Well, here we are, blog world. The always-awkward first post. Who ever knows how to start these things gracefully, really? And should we even try? No. Perhaps not. So, here it goes. Hi! I’m Katy. I’m a 30-year-old librarian (yes, there are young librarians) whose hobbies include photography, writing, occasional embroidery, and fucking around on the internet too much. Also, I swear. Sorry. (I’m not really sorry; if I were, I’d stop swearing.) I also very much enjoy fashion and style. Yes, a librarian who fancies herself stylish. We do exist. And I promise you’ll never see my hair in a bun. (Of course, my hair is only about an inch long, so that’s not hard to promise.)  I’m starting this blog with the unlikely title of Girl Crushing to feature my own daily outfits, but also to serve as a sort of inspiration board for looks I run across and would like to duplicate or riff on.

So. Without any further ado, here we go with my inaugural outfit post! (And a big thank-you to my husband for snapping these shots before we both had to run off to work this morning!)

  • Grey double-breasted wool chalk-stripe blazer: vintage, thrifted
  • White lace-trim shell: Coldwater Creek (yes, really! You can get all kinds of good basics in unexpected places!)
  • Black satin-finish skinny pants: Daughters of the Liberation from Anthropologie
  • Bright blue penny loafers: Frye