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If you’re anything like me, you periodically go through periods of searching down (and sometimes never actually finding!) the “perfect” item of clothing or accessory to fill a perceived gap in your wardrobe. Lately, I’ve been looking for something I can only define as “a big bag.” I know what I want, though: 1) Something large enough to double as a briefcase for an upcoming conference I’ll be attending, without being too big to use everyday bag; 2) black or dark grey; 3) leather or sturdy canvas; 4) rugged construction; 5) timeless and relatively simple style; and 6) a cross-body strap. I’ve found a few good options, but haven’t yet decided on one. It doesn’t help that they’re all pretty pricey! But I guess you get what you pay for, right? A cheap bag is a cheap bag on every level. I’m more willing to pay extra for something if I know it will be in my wardrobe for a long time, and a bag like the one I want definitely fits that criteria.


Tommy charcoal gray waxed canvas and black leather bag by Sidney and Sons


Leather Satchel Messenger Bag, Purse MEDIUM by Rustic Leather Co


Waxed Canvas Tote by Peg and Awl


Walkway Satchel from Madewell


Ashcroft Leather Carryall by ForestBound