Okay, ladies and gents, I love clothes. I do. I admit it. Call it shallow and materialistic, whatever, I still like to look nice and to express myself in my appearance. Deal. But you know what I HATE? It’s the same thing most women hate–finding the right size! I really don’t hate it for the same reason some gals do, though–I don’t feel bad about myself because the number on the tag is too big. I hate it because it MAKES NO SENSE. At one point, I owned three pairs of Levi’s jeans in three different cuts. They were also three different sizes–an 8, a 10, and a 12. And all three fit me. Riddle me that one, Batman! How can three pairs of jeans made by the same company fit me so differently?! An 8 should be an 8 should be an 8, regardless of cut. And that’s just among styles from one brand. I could be a 6 in this company and a 10 in that company. What does that number on the tag actually MEAN? Nothing, as far as I can tell–at least, nothing consistent and actually helpful.

So when I ran across this cool little gadget called What Size Am I?, I was thrilled! You just put in your own personal measurements–the big three, bust waist hip–and it plots out which sizes in which commercial brands will fit you best! You can also look at all the different sizes offered by the brands and see what the stated measurements of those sizes should be. This doesn’t help in a case like that of the Levi’s jeans I mentioned earlier, but it should give you some sense of where to start–especially if, like me, you’ve recently lost 33 pounds and don’t really know what size to even look for in the stores anymore!